Alyssa Malgapo


English, some Spanish, Tagalog, Deutsch
BS in Dental Hygiene
NYU College of Dentistry

Most people either loved going to the dentist as a kid—or absolutely hated it. Where did you fall? How come?

I loved going to the dentist as a kid because the assistants at the orthodontist office I went to were always so sweet and positive with me.

What (or who) inspired you to get into dentistry? How so?

My orthodontist hired me as an assistant straight out of high school. I wanted to share that positive energy I had with members.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is constantly learning and developing new skills. I enjoy dealing with technical materials and managing difficult situations in a calm, sweet manner.

What famous person (alive or dead) is your dream dental patient? Why?

Natalie Portman or Winona Ryder because they do not age.

What’s your dream toothpaste flavor?

I would be down for a Lychee or Sakura Grape flavor.

What’s something your patients might be surprised to learn about you?

When I'm not cleaning teeth, I am either teaching yoga or rock climbing.

How do you recharge after a long week? What’s your go-to activity for hitting the restart button?

I love a good Thai massage.

What dental stereotype are you most passionate about changing?

I don't like that people compare going to the dentist to going to the DMV.

What is the absolute coolest thing about the human mouth?

We produce about 37,854 litres of saliva during our lives – enough to fill two swimming pools.

In another life, if you weren’t working in dentistry, what would you be doing?

I would be a backup dancer for Cher.

When I’m in the patient chair, I’m probably grooving to {blank} in my headphones.

The soundtrack of "Encanto"

What’s something that really, really, really makes you smile? Like, really?

Practicing body rolls

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