Antoinette Gordon


AAS in Dental Hygiene
Hostos Community College

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Turning frowns into smiles

What famous person (alive or dead) is your dream dental patient? Why?

Steve Harvey - Replace his oversized chiclet white teeth to a natural look.
What’s your dream toothpaste flavor?

Kola champagne

How do you recharge after a long week? What’s your go-to activity for hitting the restart button?

A spa treatment and massage

What dental stereotype are you most passionate about changing?

That the health of your mouth is separate from the health of your body.

When I’m in the patient chair, I’m probably grooving to {blank} in my headphones.

Orchestra music

What’s something that really, really, really makes you smile? Like, really?

A good comedy

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