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Brittney Berto


AAS in Dental Sciences
New York University College of Dentistry

Hygienist Brittney Berto knows her way around a dentist’s office: she’s been working in one since she was 16. "I had a retail job for a bit beforehand, but it was so boring,” she says. When she found a job as a dental assistant, something clicked: “It was fun because it was so hands-on,” she says. “It ended up being such a great learning experience.”

Now that she’s become a hygienist, Brittney finds herself constantly inspired by her patients. “You never know who you're going to have in your chair, especially in New York,” she says. “Every day there’s something new.” And even when someone’s nerves get the best of them, the soft-spoken Brooklyn native has a way of connecting: “My friends say I could talk to a rock and have it talk back to me!”

That ease of communication is what she strives for with each visit. “I’m a big energy and vibes person,” she says. “Every time I see someone new I try to adjust myself to them. I’ll let them tell me about themselves and feel out what kind of experience they want to have. Like, yes, we’re at a dentist’s appointment, but we’re also just regular people, you know?”

Additional Education
Bachelor of Arts
St Francis College

Yes, we’re at a dentist’s appointment, but we’re also just regular people

Brittney Berto