Bora Moon Dentist 03

Dr. Bora Moon


English, Korean
University of British Columbia
General Practice Residency
Vancouver General Hospital

Most people either loved going to the dentist as a kid—or absolutely hated it. Where did you fall? How come? I loved going to my dentist as a child. I was always on the cavity-free "wall of fame" and got stickers!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? Guiding and encouraging people towards good oral health. And when they get there, keeping them healthy.

What famous person (alive or dead) is your dream dental patient? Why? Julia Roberts. I feel like I would be able to access her last molar, no problem.

What’s your dream toothpaste flavor? (Be as SPECIFIC as possible. For example: “Banana split, hold the cherries, add sprinkles.”) Lemon drop martini! Lemony, sweet, and refreshing.

When I’m in the patient chair, I’m probably grooving to {blank} in my headphones. Bach cello suites.

What’s something that really, really, really makes you smile? Like, really? Cuddling with my kids.

Restorative Procedures