Marcelle Gharibeh Dentist 03

Dr. Marcelle Gharibeh

Doctor of Dental Surgery

University of Toronto

Dr. Marcelle Gharibeh believes that for patients, a great dental experience begins with having the right information. “I love to educate my patients,” she says. “I think that’s the key now in dentistry. Many people haven’t been taught the importance of their oral health, nor given options to improve it, if they choose to. I can help with that.”

Dr. Gharibeh always knew she wanted to help people, and she wanted it to feel personal. Dentistry was the perfect fit: "I was at a practice in Chicago for 11 years,” she says, “and even just seeing patients a few times a year, hearing their life updates while taking care of them—there is a rewarding bond there. That’s what it feels like here at Tend too.”

And If you’re feeling a little anxious, or just want to talk things out, you’ll find an understanding ear with Dr. Gharibeh. “We all come from different backgrounds, and have different experiences that shape us,” she says. “I want to be respectful of that. I never judge. I just want to see how we can work through it together, so I can help you now and in the future.”

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