Penny Planzos Dentist 1

Dr. Penny Planzos

Doctor of Dental Medicine

English, Greek
Master of Science Prosthodontics
Columbia University

Dr. Penny Planzos grew up in Brooklyn, and has a family full of dental professionals. “My dad’s a dentist, my twin sister is an orthodontist, my older sister is a periodontist,” she says. “I like to joke that my sisters and I were heavily brainwashed, but we were actually all excited to get into dentistry.”

More than just joining the family business, Dr. Planzos was drawn to the personal side of dentistry: “You can’t be a good dentist without building trust,” she says, “and that’s where education comes in—taking the time to explain things, using pictures to show what I’m seeing. Technology has come a long way, and it can make it so much easier for patients to learn more about their oral health.”

And that trust goes both ways, too. “I want to create an environment where you feel open and able to speak freely about your concerns,” she says. “We’re not just a doctor and a patient—we’re both part of a team.”

Additional Education
Doctor of Dental Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

“You can’t be a good dentist without building trust.”

Dr. Penny Planzos