Dr. Seonha Park

Managing Dentist

English, Korean
Tufts School of Dental Medicine

What (or who) inspired you to get into dentistry? How so?

A friend on my freshman floor had a bond with her dentist that made me interested in Dentistry.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

HAPPY Smiling people

__What famous person (alive or dead) is your dream dental patient? Why? __

Jung-kook from BTS for obvious reasons.

What’s your dream toothpaste flavor?

Unflavored and fluoridated

How do you recharge after a long week? What’s your go-to activity for hitting the restart button?

I can walk for hours and I love it.

__What is the absolute coolest thing about the human mouth? __

Everyone's mouth is so different.

In another life, if you weren’t working in dentistry, what would you be doing?

Owning a café the mountains

“I tell my patients, ‘I didn’t know how to brush my teeth the right way until I went to dental school. Literally. So there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.’”

Dr. Seonha Park