Jacqeuiline Brousset DentalHygienist 03

Jacqueline Brousset


English, Spanish
Associates in Dental Hygiene
NYC College of Technology

When hygienist Jacqueline Brousset was trying to decide between nursing and hygiene, it was the opportunity for personal connection that tipped the scales: “I realized with dentistry I could build a rapport with patients, especially seeing them every six months,” she says. “I’m a very outgoing person, and getting to know people, helping them feel calm and comfortable—I like that I can help people that way.”

And some of those relationships have stood the test of time. “I was at my last practice for nine years,” she says. “I really appreciated getting to know my patients and learning about their lives. We got to form a really strong bond.”

She also believes it’s important to meet people where they are. “I’m never going to belittle you if, say, you’ve never flossed before,” she says. “Just by making the appointment, and coming in for a cleaning, you’re taking a step in the right direction. It shows that you care about your oral hygiene, and you’re willing to improve. And everyone can improve—there’s always a stepping stone forward.”

“Everyone can improve—there’s always a stepping stone forward.”

Jacqueline Brousset