Dr. Lauren Goode


English, Spanish, French
University of Florida College of Dentistry

Most people either loved going to the dentist as a kid—or absolutely hated it. Where did you fall? How come?

Loved going! I loved getting my teeth cleaned and showing the dentist my baby teeth that fell out!

What (or who) inspired you to get into dentistry? How so?

My own family's oral health struggles growing up in rural Jamaica. I chose dentistry in order to help others and provide comfort to patients in need.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Relieving people of pain and discomfort

What famous person (alive or dead) is your dream dental patient? Why?

Any professional opera singer! Can open wide and also give me a tune!

What’s your dream toothpaste flavor?

Lavender matcha latte with caramel drizzle, decaf with soy milk

What’s something your patients might be surprised to learn about you?

I have lived nearly my entire life in Florida, but I was coincidentally born in Washington DC. A true native!

How do you recharge after a long week? What’s your go-to activity for hitting the restart button?

Take walks through DC parks and neighborhoods, cook, spend time with loved ones

What dental stereotype are you most passionate about changing?

That dentists are insensitive or financially-driven

What is the absolute coolest thing about the human mouth?

How smiling can make anyone immediately gorgeous

In another life, if you weren’t working in dentistry, what would you be doing?

A tour guide in a foreign country

When I’m in the patient chair, I’m probably grooving to {blank} in my headphones.

70s disco/soul or 2000s pops

What’s something that really, really, really makes you smile? Like, really?

Baby animals and beautiful art

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