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Tender Toothpaste 3.4oz


A smoother, kinder-to-your-mouth toothpaste that strengthens and protects precious enamel.

  • GentleLow-abrasive (RDA 85) and velvety smooth to be especially enamel friendly
  • EffectiveUniquely made with both fluoride and hydroxyapatite for stronger, healthier teeth
  • SmarterDesigned with Tend dentists and hygienists for smarter mouth care between visits
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Toothpaste Desktop Quote

We made this paste as an antidote to the abrasive whitening pastes we see damaging teeth every day in our studios.

– Dr. Chris Salierno, Tend’s Chief Dental Officer

Graph indicating Tend's RDA is much lower than other toothpastes

Smoother is smarter

You need some grit to buff away plaque and stains. But overly abrasive formulas grind away your pearly enamel, which weakens teeth and turns them yellow.

With an RDA of 85, our toothpaste hits the sweet spot to give you a thorough clean without the wear and tear.


A cavity-conquering combo

Our paste is uniquely formulated with two anticavity superheroes: fluoride and hydroxyapatite.

Together, they’re a one-two punch that strengthens teeth and protects against decay.


Made by mouth experts

Our toothpaste is designed with Tend dentists and hygienists to prevent the issues they see in our studios, and to give you a better way to care for your mouth.

Tough on plaque and kind to enamel, our anticavity toothpaste is the smartest way to tend to your mouth between dentist visits.

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Weight and dimensions

  • 3.4 oz


  • Box is 100% recyclable
  • Tube made from up to 95% post-consumer recyclables


  • Active ingredients: sodium monofluorophosphate 0.76% (0.13% w/v fluoride ion)