Clinical Philosophy

We align your dentist's interests with yours.

Most dentists are paid a commission on procedures. This can lead to more procedures than you need. We’re eliminating this by paying our dentists a great salary with a bonus that rewards them for guest satisfaction.

Dentists love this. It lets them focus on providing outstanding care, instead of worrying about their productivity.

We invest in tech and training that prioritize your comfort.

An x-ray machine that won’t poke the roof of your mouth (with 80% less radiation). A gentler hand tool. Digital impressions instead of a mold that makes you gag.

But before anything else, we chat. Know you’re sensitive? We’ll give you a topical anesthetic. Want nitrous? No judgment. And as we work, we’ll check in frequently to make sure you’re relaxed.

Our care is science-based.

We’re not just up to date on all of the latest research. We’re actively contributing to it. Our clinical team is led by Dr. Marc Schlenoff, a former Program Director at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine.

We believe dentists shouldn’t just solve problems. They should prevent them.

That’s why we call ourselves a dental wellness company. We help you form healthy habits with personalized nutritional tips, product recommendations, and more.

We believe in compassion.

That’s why we sit down when we talk to you. Look you in the eye. Never interrupt you.

And that’s why we spend so much time on your experience as a whole.

Making the studio beautiful. Getting you past the waiting area quickly. Having your favorite show ready on TV.

We want you to feel completely and utterly cared for from start to finish.

We care about the whole you. Not just your teeth.