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A Kiss Assist for You and Your Dog

Let’s face it (literally): puppy breath isn’t always cute.

By Tend

We love dogs, and we’d pretty much do anything for them. Case in point: we pick up their poop. And while we wouldn’t change a single thing about the play time, walks, nuzzles, or sloppy kisses, there might be a change or two we’d make in other areas. (See: the “picking up their poop” point, above.) Because, while a good pup snuggle is pretty much the cure for whatever ails us, being on the receiving end of a panty, slobbery huff of rancid dog breath? Not our preferred pastime.

It’s time to pay attention to our furry friends’ oral health

“Dogs are also prone to periodontal disease,” explains Dr. Marc Schlenoff, Tend’s Head of Clinical Development. “And yes, that can mean bad breath.” Since dogs shouldn’t ever eat sugar, they tend not to suffer from tooth decay, but plaque and gum disease can be a serious problem. In fact, periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in dogs. Which means the number one thing you can do to keep your pup’s pearly whites healthy is brush their teeth. Every day. No, really. “You have to,” explains Dr. Schlenoff. Not only will this help freshen their breath, it will also prevent more serious problems—like bleeding gums and tooth loss.

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Tend is here for all the mouths in the family

While brushing your dog’s teeth is important, there are easier ways to support their oral health. Our new Breath Biscuits by Bocce’s Bakery in NYC are an all-natural, delicious dog treat to keep your canine’s canines healthy and their breath great-smelling.

These wheat-free biscuits are made from just three good-for-your-dog ingredients:

  • Oat flour is a good source of vitamin B (for a healthy coat), linoleic acid (for strong skin), and fiber (to support digestion)
  • Apples are a good source of vitamin C (which may reduce inflammation and cognitive aging in dogs)
  • And mint is a long-time favorite to help mask halitosis
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A dentist-approved dog treat

In addition to these treats’ health-boosting ingredients, the mere act of chomping down on them or other crunchy snacks can help keep your pup’s teeth clean and in good working order. So pass one to your pup, then pucker up for a long round of minty-fresh dog kisses. Your pup—and your nose—will thank you.

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