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How to Ace Your Dental Hygienist Interview: Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Our top recruiters have compiled their best dental hygiene interview tips to help you turn that job interview into a job offer.

By Tend

You snagged a dental hygienist interview—congrats! There’s only one step left: turn that job interview into a job offer. Our top recruiters have compiled their best dental hygiene interview tips to help you do just that.

It’s a good time to be looking for a dental hygienist job. Many practices are hiring—[including us!]—but somehow, that doesn’t make your dental hygienist job interview any less nerve-wracking.

One thing that does? Preparation. If you’re reading this, you’re already doing that, so congrats! Here, we present our top strategies for how to get ready for your interview—plus, we’ll break down exactly what the process looks like at Tend.

Get to know the company—and the job

When it comes to your dental hygiene interview, a little research goes a long way. It’s important to come prepared with basic knowledge of the company you’re interviewing with. A great place to start is the company’s own website, but our recruiters also recommend checking out sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Linkedin for more in-depth info.

Study the job description you’re interviewing for, too! You can bet that some of your dental hygienist interview questions will be about how your skills align with the requirements listed in the job description, so be ready to talk about that—and (politely, respectfully) brag about your talent! Having examples from your previous experience that speak directly to the job requirements is a huge plus.

Leave early and prepare for mishaps

We get it—life happens. (And it always seems to happen right before something important, right?) Traffic, bad wifi, late trains, and a million other little things can get in the way of you starting your interview on time. That’s why our recruiters always recommend leaving a little cushion time in your travels (or before your dial-ins) in case something comes up. And if you are going to be late, be sure to let your interviewer know.

Don’t stress about your dress

Not sure if you should wear scrubs? Just ask! Employers vary on this—at Tend, for example, what you should wear depends on what stage of the interview process you’re in. You should be prepared to wear scrubs for your studio interview with us (more on that below), but for a phone or clinical interview, opt for something that makes you feel professional and confident. (Did you have a great dental school interview outfit? That’s a good place to start!)

Focus on body language

Prospective employers will be extra-attentive during your interview. This may seem obvious, but don’t underestimate the importance of body language! Our recruiters tell us time and again how confident body language makes all the difference in their dental hygiene interviews.

  1. Mom was right: sit up straight

Keep your shoulders back and down and your chin lifted. If you’re used to slouching (hey, it happens), practice good posture regularly before your interview so it feels natural and comfortable for you.

  1. Make (just enough) eye contact

Remember to moderate your eye contact: too much can feel aggressive, while too little can make you look nervous. Think of having a comfortable conversation with a good friend and you’ll be sure to hit that “just right” amount.

  1. Demonstrate responsiveness

Your interviewer is learning a lot about you based not just on what you’re saying, but on how you’re listening. Show that you’re interested by smiling, leaning forward, and nodding when the interviewer speaks.

What to expect at Tend

Interviewing at Tend? (Awesome, we can’t wait to meet you!) Our interview process is in three parts: a phone interview, a clinical interview, and then a studio interview.

Phone interview

First up will be a phone call. One of our recruiters will conduct a preliminary interview with a dental hygienist candidate. They’re looking to learn more about you, your experience, and your skills. (Think: more big picture, less nitty-gritty.)

Clinical Interview

Next up is a clinical interview for a thorough review of your clinical experience and technical skills. “The types of interview questions that we’re asking dental hygienists go deep into your scope of practice and patient and clinical background,” says Stephanie Forsberg, VP of Talent.

This interview is a great time to impress us with your experience and ask any questions you might have about our technology—the practice management software or clinical tools and equipment, for example. “I like to keep the interviews very transparent and make the candidate feel comfortable asking any sort of clinical-based questions they may have regarding Tend,” says Tanya, a top Tend Talent Acquisition Specialist for dental hygienists.
Interview Tips in Studio Interview

Studio Interview

Your final interview at Tend will be a studio interview. You’ll meet the studio team, including our Studio Manager and Managing Dentist. You’ll get to explore the space and immerse yourself in the daily experience at Tend. (That means understanding how the team works together and having a conversation with studio leaders.)

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