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The Real Reasons to Join Tend as a Dentist

You already know about the best-in-class base pay and comprehensive benefits. Now let’s talk about the real reasons Tend dentists love their jobs.

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Whether you’re starting your career as a dentist or looking to level up, base pay and benefits are a big consideration—and Tend offers a top-notch compensation package.

But it’s just one piece of the puzzle. And there’s an even bigger one: whether you’ll actually love going to work every day.

At Tend, we care a lot about your experience as a team member—just like we care a lot about our patients’ experiences in our studios. In fact, you could call us “provider-obsessed.” And there’s a whole host of ways we work to make (and keep!) our dentists happy.

Warm, collaborative culture

One of the top benefits of being a dentist at Tend? Our company culture. It’s something we’re pretty proud of, and it’s a direct result of diverse clinical teams working together towards a common goal. Our dentists, specialists, and hygienists come from a range of professional and personal backgrounds, and we all have a lot to learn from each other. Your coworkers will rely on the unique contributions you make to the team, and you’ll rely on them.

We also know that dentists are best supported when they’re not micromanaged or held to production quotas. We truly value provider autonomy and team collaboration, and we don’t compensate based on production, but rather with best-in-class base salaries and bonuses based on patient satisfaction.

Our dentists are empowered to own their scope of practice, but they’re never abandoned. What benefits do dentists get from the rest of the company? In short, whatever they need. We provide support from all levels for insurance questions, member experience, purchasing, people management, and more.

And we love an excuse to celebrate. We’ll take any reason to bust out balloons, swag, gifts, cupcakes, lunch, massages—you name it. That means recognizing studio goals and anniversaries, personal milestones, National Dentist’s Day, Dental Hygiene Month, Tend product launches…even a noteworthy patient encounter. And have you heard of the Tendees? (Think: The Grammys meet the dentist. It’s pretty much the can’t-miss event of the year.)
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Prioritizing career development

Tend was designed with your career advancement in mind—many of our team members say it’s one of the top dentist job benefits here. We offer four specialized positions for dentists based on experience, and then provide you with the room and resources to grow with us.

With free access to Spear and TendU, our custom-built digital training program, you’ll always have ways to sharpen and develop your clinical, chair-side, and leadership skills.

We also know that quality mentorship is a game-changer, regardless of where you are in your career. As a Tend dentist, you’ll get one-on-one mentorship with our esteemed clinical leadership.

You’re already awesome: we just want to make sure you have everything you need to continue getting better.
Technology at Tend

State-of-the-art technology

Our studios are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, which makes it easy to provide the most accurate diagnoses, the finest restorations, and the most beautiful aesthetics. We’ve found that some of the most useful dentist job benefits come from having access to the best tools. We equip our dentists with intraoral scanners, CBCT, and digital radiographs—basically, if it’s helping you with ease, speed, or accuracy, we’re all over it.

We do everything digitally—from diagnosis to treatment planning—because it’s faster for you, more transparent for our patients, and less prone to error. That means fully digital charts and seamless x-ray integration. And our commitment to the best tech doesn’t stop there: we’re also the first dental setting to develop an app to help our patients with all their dental needs.
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Beautiful studios

Our award-winning studios are designed to soothe and delight our patients—and you. These are amazing environments to work in, constructed from gorgeous materials. We even pipe in a custom fragrance.

And they’re centrally located in major cities. We want our patients to have easy access, and we want our dentists to have easy commutes.

Staff lounges are essential for recharging, and we make ours beautiful. We also load them with snacks and drinks, so your breaks feel like real breaks.

At Tend, we’re redefining dentistry by making our studios a great place for patients and providers alike. In short, we take care of you, so you can take care of others. And that’s something everyone can smile about.

Ready to join the team?

We’re looking for dentists who will create an exceptional patient experience, build strong, lasting relationships with staff and patients, and deliver a breadth of experience across key procedures in general and cosmetic dentistry. Sound like you? We’d love to meet you.

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