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Tend Waiting Room and Welcome Bar

Your First Tend Visit

When you book a dental exam with Tend, here’s what to expect.

By Tend

Contactless check-in

We’ll collect your credit card and insurance info online for a faster, safer visit, with nothing changing hands. We’ll also tell you exactly what you’ll owe, so there aren’t any surprises.

FirtTendVisit BrushBag

Brush Bag

When you arrive, we’ll give you a beautiful Brush Bag with oral health products designed by our dentists and hygienists. They’re a smarter way to tend to your mouth between visits.

The Brushery

After you’re checked in, we’ll show you into our famous Brushery—a swishy, swirly room just for freshening up. No more awkwardly brushing in the bathroom at work before your visit.

Little to no waiting

We make a superhuman effort to start every visit on time. If you do have to wait, you probably won’t even have time to finish the song in your headphones.

FirtTendVisit Suites

A suite prepared just for you

Next, we’ll show you to your suite, prepped and sanitized just for you. It has personal space to hang your coat, leave your bag, and charge your phone. If you chose a show to watch when you booked, it will be queued up on a ceiling-mounted TV over your chair. If you didn’t choose one, you can do so when you sit down.

Screening for gum disease and periodontal disease

After you’ve wrapped up your imaging, you’ll return to your suite. Your hygienist will screen you for gingivitis and periodontitis. If you have one of these diseases, you may not be able to get a normal cleaning. Instead, we’ll recommend non-surgical gum treatment or non-surgical periodontal treatment, which remove harmful bacteria under the gum line and help restore your mouth to health.

FirtTendVisit Hygienist

A thorough, gentle cleaning

If your mouth is free of gum disease and periodontitis, your hygienist will give you a thorough cleaning, using a topical numbing gel so you won’t feel a thing. The tools we use are quieter, gentler, and less intrusive, so you can focus on the TV show you’re watching overhead.

A beautifying polish

When your cleaning is finished, your hygienist will give you a polish to remove any cosmetic staining on your teeth. You’ll get to choose between mint polishing paste or a fun flavor like vanilla while you keep watching TV.

FirtTendVisit Dentist

An expert oral exam

When your polish is finished, your dentist will come into your suite and answer every question you have. Then they’ll examine your mouth and talk to you about your oral health with zero judgment. As part of your exam, you’ll get a complimentary oral cancer screening. Since the mouth can be a front-line indicator of many diseases, dentists can identify early symptoms before they become more serious.

Only the care you need

We practice evidence-based dentistry and only offer the care you need, so you can decide whether to proceed with any treatment recommendations confident that your interests and your dentists are truly aligned.

The tools we use are quieter, gentler, and less intrusive, so you can focus on the TV show you’re watching overhead.

FirtTendVisit InStudio

Contactless checkout

That’s it. Your exam is finished. If you owe anything for your visit, we’ll charge the card we have on file, so nothing needs to change hands. We’ll see you next time!

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