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Straightening Just Got Revolutionized

Introducing Breezy Braces®

By Tend

Straight smile seekers, we have good news for you. There’s a revolutionary new orthodontic technology, available exclusively from Tend. It’s called Breezy Braces®, and it uses a NASA-developed material to invisibly straighten your teeth with zero maintenance.

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about your situation.

You want to straighten your teeth.

Maybe you had braces as a kid, then stopped wearing your retainer. Or you never had braces and thought you wouldn’t need them. But...your teeth have begun to drift.

At first, you could ignore it. It even looked kind of cool and rugged. But now, not so much. You’re getting embarrassed, and you’re worried about where this is headed. Your teeth may also be getting harder to clean and yellowing (or worse) if they’re overlapping and crowded.

But you don’t love your options.

Other orthodontic treatments look terrible, aren’t sanitary, have to be removed every time you snack, get lost, get eaten by dogs, and aren’t actually invisible. In fact, they can be highly visible, resulting in doubletakes from friends and coworkers as they try to figure out why your smile looks...different.

That’s where Breezy Braces® come in.

Breezy Braces®, powered by Inbrace, give you everything you want—a beautiful, confident smile and fewer dental issues down the line—without any of the embarrassment or hassle.

Breezy Braces® are actually invisible.

Breezy Braces® are truly 100% hidden. As in, the only way someone will know you’re wearing them is if you tip your head back and show them what’s behind your teeth. This allows you to smile freely throughout your treatment.

They’re totally hands-off.

Breezy Braces® require next to no maintenance. You can eat and drink (and kiss) whenever you want. And you won’t have to touch your teeth with your fingers.

They’re more comfortable.

Other orthodontic treatments hurt periodically as they’re tightened or swapped out. Breezy Braces® are different. They move your teeth gently and continuously throughout your treatment, so there aren’t any peaks of discomfort.

They’re easier to clean.

Breezy Braces® are designed to be super hygienic. Their rising and falling shape allows you to brush and floss like you normally would. (Or, if you don’t floss, there won’t be anything in the way of you starting. Sorry!)

They’re rocket science.

Breezy Braces® are made possible by an incredible technological advance. They’re crafted from a material called shape memory wire that was originally developed for spaceships and satellites. Shape memory wire is flexible, but always returns to its original shape.

With Breezy Braces®, a thin piece of shape memory wire is “programmed” specifically for your smile, then placed behind your teeth. It slowly and gently moves your teeth until it achieves its final shape.

They’re affordable.

In NYC, orthodontic treatments start around $1,850 and go up to about $7,000.

Breezy Braces® cost $5,000—right in the middle. They cost more than the cheapest straightening option. But in our opinion, that’s a small price to pay for a far better experience.

And they’re placed by an orthodontist.

Unlike other orthodontic treatments, Breezy Braces® aren’t put in at home, with no clinical oversight. They aren’t even placed by a normal dentist. They’re placed by an orthodontist. That’s a dentist with special training in the art and science of moving teeth. This ensures that they’ll actually work, and that if any adjustments need to be made, an expert is on call to help—all for the same price.

Here’s how it works.

You start by talking with an orthodontic specialist (for free) about your smile and whether Breezy Braces® are right for you. Next, you’ll visit a Tend studio for 3D imaging. If you decide to move forward, your orthodontist will craft your Breezy Braces® specifically for you. Then you’ll come back to have them placed. Every 6-8 weeks, you’ll return for a quick check-in to make sure everything is going according to plan.

You’ll have a whole new smile in as little as six months.

And by the time your Breezy Braces® come off, you may not even remember you had them.

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